Are you ready for ecstatic intimacy?

  • If you’ve caught glimpses of divinity during meditation or prayer, and long to capture
    that same sense of connection with your partner...
  • If you’re frustrated by your inability to carry a feeling of oneness into your everyday life...
  • If you want to learn how to use everything that arises creatively, and forge lifelong commitments…
  • If you’re ready to revolutionize your attitudes towards criticism & conflict, jealousy & boredom, power & worship...

The Deeper Love is your conduit into heightened awareness, freedom and joy. A life devoted to love, well beyond the 'honeymoon phase.' A life of abundant honesty and unending discovery. A life well-lived. A life well-loved.

Whether you’re in a committed relationship, or actively
preparing yourself to meet your ideal partner,
The Deeper Love will empower you to embrace the
true potential of intimate relationships.

The Deeper Love Retreat-at-Home

A self-guided course for couples and singles, created by Arjuna & Chameli Ardagh

This retreat-at-home is a dynamic initiation into the deeper and more fulfilling layers of intimate
relationship. Arjuna and Chameli Ardagh have cultivated simple, easy, and often humorous practices to
bring your deepest awakening to intimate relationship. The 40 day retreat is suitable for couples who want
to bring sacredness back into relationship, and for single people who are ready to attract a deep and
committed life partner.

Choose to live the
Deeper Love,
starting today:


  • Arjuna and Chameli:
    Up close and personal
    in your living room
  • Introducing Ourselves
  • The Six Core Principle
  • Deeper Love Practices
  • The Nature of Awakening
  • Guided Awakening

10 CDS:

  • Arjuna and Chameli: Be guided through the entire course
  • About our Approach
  • The Current of Deeper Love
  • Creating Commitment
  • The Nature of Practice
  • Awakening to yourTrue nature
  • Being with Feelings
  • The Power of Honesty
  • Fighting can Deepen Love
  • Criticism and Feedback
  • Control and Power Struggles
  • Taking Space and ComingTogether
  • Sex as a Portal into Space
  • The Wisdom of Monogamy
  • Taking Space Gracefully
  • Family Life as a Practice
  • For men: Returning to Center
  • For Women: Feel Kiss Flow
  • For Singles: your Beloved is Waiting for You
  • Moving from Boredom to Worship
  • Dedicate your Love


This 40 day course guides you through every aspect of the Deeper Love, including written exercises,
daily practices, and instructions on how to get best value from all of the resources.



  • ASK Arjuna and Chameli your deepest questions and receive personalized guidance, in live calls every two weeks
  • SHARE your discoveries with people all over the world in the members-only forum.
  • BE INSPIRED by dozens of video interviews with couples who are living The Deeper Love, including
    Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Sonia Choquette and her partner Patrick Tilly, Arielle Ford and many more.
  • READ inspirational passages about how to bring awareness to power struggles, jealousy and
    boredom, and bring them into the flow of a Deeper Love.
  • DOWNLOAD mp3 versions of the ten CDs, a PDF of the workbook, and four additional guided meditations.
  • REACH OUT to our highly-trained team, who can answer your questions and make your
    exploration as meaningful and satisfying as possible.
  • EXPAND The Deeper Love community, and earn generous affiliate commissions.

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